Winter is COMING! Last-Minute Labor Day Party Entertaining

Say goodbye to those warm summer nights with one last patio party! Entertaining can quickly become overwhelming, so let’s keep the decorations simple.

You can easily energize any space with just one item, string lights. There are so many light variations to create the perfect classical, modern or even whimsical patio. With styles varying from rope to frosted, there are lighting options for every personality.

We prefer the clear, globe-shaped light. BONUS, they are multi-functional!
  • A good source of lighting: Add ambience and keep the party going long after the sun goes down.
  • Use them year-round: Keep the shape simple, bring them indoors for any holiday or just to light up a space (like wine bar or bookcase!).
  • Less expensive: A basic style bulb will run around 10-12 dollars, compared to newer, more trendy versions now upward of 25 dollars.

Sounds easy, right? It is. You can string your lights from tree to tree, around pergola or other patio structures. If you don’t have these options you may need to get creative! We used 1/2 inch conduit pipe so we could easily remove them after the season. My husband sprayed them dark brown so they’d blend with our wooded yard. After waiting a few hours to ensure they were dry, it was a quick two-person team to hammer these into the ground.

And for the finished product!

Now we can sit back and enjoy. Wait, who’s bringing the food?


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