Does This Shirt Smell? #Adulting

Saturday means laundry, cleaning and grass cutting at our house. Adulting is real.

“Does this shirt smell? It’s been in my drawer for a while. Smell my back…” My husband is notorious to leave his clothes in the washing machine over night. This means they STINK the following day.

Here are a few tips for stinky laundry. Yes, these actually work. I have tried every, single one.

Moldy, Wet Clothes: Vinegar. It is great for killing bacteria. In a separate bowl, add a full cup of vinegar and equal parts water before adding to the wash load. Then wash as you normally do with detergent.

Week Old Gym Gear: Lemon or lime. My best friend’s father swore by rubbing EVERYTHING with lime to get rid of a pungent smell (including his armpits). Prep the clothes by gently scrubbing the armpits and neckline. It wouldn’t hurt to add some vinegar to the load as well, just in case.

White on White: Bleach. We have well water and some of our whites can become a bit dingy. Add 1/4 cup bleach to the special bleach dispenser or to the water five minutes after the wash cycle has begun.

Next up, how to DE-SKUNK your dog!

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