Recharge Your Week

  • Our weekends are meant to indulge in amazing food, take on new adventures and spend as much time as possible with our family and friends. Weekends are always way too short. Before we realize it, that awful Sunday night anxiety sets back in.
I found a few ways to combat this feeling and wake up Monday morning feeling empowered to tackle the day. The catch? Don’t wait until Sunday to knock everything out. Use the full week to your advantage.
  • SUNDAY: Prep your meals. Kudos to those who prep for the entire week. The idea of preparing my Friday lunch on Sunday exhausts me. Plus, what if I have a taste for something else? My solution is a crockpot with 5-6 servings that can be customized into many options–chicken tacos, chicken noodle soup, chicken avocado melts…you get the jist.


  • MONDAY: Re-energize yourself. The first day back always seems to be the absolute worst. Emails are fired off before you can even have your morning coffee. Rude! New project deadlines and multiple meetings kill your productivity. It is time for a mini spa evening to ease frustrations and help calm your tummy from way too many weekend tacos and margaritas. After a long steam shower, I pour myself a cup of hot green tea, grab a favorite book and renew my skin with a face treatment. A favorite of mine is Arbonne’s detox face mask. It uses an oil-pulling technology with 5 self-neutralizing acids to brighten your face and rosemary oil for extra supple skin!


  • TUESDAY: Hit the gym. Rev up your heart and sweat. Yes, SWEAT! Your body needs a workout much as your mind. I am addicted to the stair master for interval training. I thank my gal pals for my cardio love on this machine and holding me accountable to make our weekly session. Actually, my booty thanks you, dream team!


  • WEDNESDAY: Date night. With so many things going on we try to take one night a week to spend quality time with each other. We like to take our boys for a long walk in the park (these may include a few brews in the baby’s bag, shhh!) or renting a movie after our little guy is tucked away for the night.


  • THURSDAY: Sleep. As the second half of week approaches I am darn tired. We like to have our lights turned out extra early so we can have a productive Friday. Try cutting out afternoon stimulants like coffee and energy drinks, flip off the TV, silence your phone and get into bed at 8pm. It is hard, but in the morning, we feel like a million bucks. Totally worth it.


  • FRIDAY: Get Ahead. This is probably the most important day of all. To help combat that Sunday anxiety, get as many of
    those dreadful tasks done today–answer emails, sync up your calendar, finalize projects–so you have a handle on what is coming next week.


  • SATURDAY: Chores and Errands. The first few hours of our day are spent cutting grass and cleaning house. We like to knock this out while our little guy is taking his morning nap. Weekends are for family!
And just like that you are back to Sunday. Of course there are weeks we fail horribly at life or switch up days to accommodate work, outings with co-workers or trips to the zoo. The trick? Do a little each day, both chores and relaxing. You will quickly realize how much less anxiety and more time you have to take on the bigger projects and adventures!

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