Easy Peasy Elmo Birthday and Smash Cake

Happy 1st Birthday, Henry!






We celebrated with an Elmo inspired brunch because 1) most every infant is in a better mood during the morning hours, 2) the colors were bright and vibrant to warm up a frigid winter day and 3) who doesn’t love Elmo?

We decorated EVERYTHING in orange, yellow, blue, green and red. Here is my party checklist:
  • Streams, bows, pom poms, tissue paper and gift bags: You can purchase an absurd amount from the dollar store. The best part? It’s only a dollar! We used these decorations for his birthday tree and highchair.
  • Elmo banners: Amazon was less expensive compared to any party store and delivered right to your door.  I could not handle another store in the middle of the holiday rush and it is absolutely freezing in Chicago right now. These banners (here and here) have a bonus: the static electricity made them stick to the walls, no tape needed. WINNING!
  • Birthday book: We wanted a keepsake for his 1st celebration and this Elmo guestbook was perfect. It has additional space for party guests to sign their name or write a message. Henry will cherish the memorable day for years to come.
  • Special birthday outfit: Keep it simple for your sanity and wallet. After hours of searching online and only finding ridiculously priced outfits, I was determined to make my own. All you need is a solid onesie, your choice of iron-on patches and these adorable infant suspenders that come in every color imaginable. I also snagged a bright pair of red pants from Old Navy and put on his favorite kicks, easy peasy.
Now onto the birthday cake. I may have said a few mean words to Elmo, his hair would not cooperate! Let me share a few tricks…

  • Use two pyrex bowls to make the cake a mini-one. You prep these bowls the same way you would a normal pan, just spray with cooking spray, add the cake batter and bake.
  • Let the cakes cool for a few hours. Trust me, your Elmo hair will not stay on if you don’t. Once they cool you will slice the top of one of the cakes for easy stacking. Only slice one, the second will create that dome shape for Elmo’s head.
  • Piping takes time. Use a flower-shaped frosting tip to resemble the hair and make sure your icing is slightly chilled so it stays in place. Who would have thought Elmo’s hair would be the party problem? Oh, and give yourself at least an hour to pipe the mini-cake.
  • Buy the multi-colored food coloring kit. You will need the entire red bottle to make your frosting red, the last thing you want is a pink Elmo. And for any kitchen newbie, there are no two colors to mix to achieve red. I even added two teaspoons of cocoa powder to make the red a little darker too.
  • Marshmallows make for the perfect eyes and nose. Cut one marshmallow in half for the eyes and add chocolate chips or black frosting for the pupil. Just stick a full marshmallow on for the nose. Don’t forget to make orange frosting–just add a little yellow to a small portion of your red and instantly you have orange.
  • Freeze when finished. Elmo went straight into the freezer after he was ready to go so his hair didn’t melt off. Just make sure you take it out after 30 minutes or your little one will have a REAL hard time smashing it.







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