Crafty Christmas Tree

Crafting during the busiest time of the year is one thing that keeps me sane (besides wine, chocolate, working out, and snuggles from my babe). It is a weird zen for me.

The best part, you can start and stop this project at your leisure, but I went ahead and knocked it out in a few hours. Let’s get something straight, I am NOT Mama Martha, so the degree of difficulty for this crafty tree is a 3 out of 10. The hardest part is nailing together the pallet board (or you can just purchase it pre-assembled!).

Check out the finished product for inspiration.  This one is about 4 ft. tall, which is why it took a few hours.

What you need:
  • Shatterproof Ornaments: You can find these anywhere. I purchased a set of 80ct. from Sam’s Club for $30 dollars and used about half on this project. I also bought a few smaller blubs from the dollar store to fill any holes.
  • Hot Glue Gun: Make sure you stock up on glue sticks, too. I didn’t want to chance any ornaments falling off, so extra glue was needed — about 15 sticks.
  • Pallet Board: My husband nailed a few old crates together for me (#BestHubby) or you can purchase any pre-made board at a local craft store. The board size is really up to you!
  • Tree Stump Letter: We chose our family name as the monogrammed letter. You can get creative with the stump and use ornaments or other materials stashed away in your craft closet.
  • Other Misc. Supplies: Ruler, pencil, paint, paint brush, towel and a glass of wine (it helped my creative juices!).
  • Step 1: Lay out your pallet board on a towel. Trust me, it will save your floors from scratches and an easy clean-up for those glittery ornaments. Use a ruler to measure and draw out your Christmas tree with your pencil. Do not use a hot pink marker. This resulted in extra painting.
  • Step 2: Organize your ornaments so you can get an idea of how you want your tree to look. I made sure to space out my colors and bigger bulbs.


  • Step 3: Ready, set, GLUE!  Just start gluing, there is no right or wrong way. This part takes the longest, hence my glass of vino. Make sure to glue on your tree stump, too!
  • Step 4: Paint your monogrammed letter. I also painted the outline of my tree with gold since I used a hot pink marker #FacePalm
And in no time, you have a BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree.

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