How-To Baby Food: Carrots

It can be nerve-racking when your little one is ready for solid foods. And even make you question, what is really in my babe’s food? Good news, making homemade baby food is simple. Very simple.

Did you know that food can be stored for 30 days in the freezer and one week in the fridge? With a little planning you can make all your food from scratch and stock-up. When in a pinch or on the run, you can always find all-natural brands with real ingredients at the store. Just be sure to read the labels: No added sugars, coloring or preservatives.

We started Hank with avocados, then moved onto peas, bananas, carrots, green beans and squash, exactly in that order. There are many opinions regarding which foods to use first. We did NOT want to start with a super sweet food and have him hate his veggies. For example, avocados are no where as near as flavorful as green beans. Plus, we knew that we could easily mix some of his favorites with other not-so-favorite options to make it a little easier to go down. Luckily for us, he just made a few weird faces and chowed down like a champ. Not surprised…

His purees are relatively quick to make in the blender (any kind will do!), while carrots take a few extra steps.  We waited until he was almost seven months to introduce carrots as they have a higher nitrate level, especially when making them fresh. If you buy organic, wash well and steam, then you should be covered. I highly recommend steaming rather than boiling to keep more of the nutrients!

OK, enough chit chat. Let’s get cooking…

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