Hi, Ms. Flo here! Let me tell you about my favorite kind of crazy, my family.

I am a sassy wife and loving mama of three babes: our actual baby, our furbaby and my hubby. Our babe, Hank, is just a few months old so you can imagine why I am dreading a photo here (cue the makeup!). Then we have “The Don,” our Siberian Husky, who just turned one. I will let you guess who named our dog. Yes, you are right, my hubby Nick, but that story is for another day. He is the best partner in crime tackling this thing called parenting. Good news! We have mastered the art of cleaning a poop explosion (both the babe and dog), DIY’ed a kitchen in just over a month (also why I have invested in expensive eye cream) and, most importantly, still find time for each other. 

Stay tuned for more! This Mama is bringing you the REAL stories, the pretty and the ugly-ugly.